“I had a cranky hamstring injury that had been bothering me for a few years. Every time I thought it was getting better, I would try stretching it more deeply and it would act up again. I had never tried acupuncture for an injury before but was ready to try something new. Alison truly helped me to heal. The acupuncture treatment was focused and very effective and almost immediately helped to alleviate the pain, after a number of visits I felt actually healed and have since been able to train both sides evenly and fully regain my former mobility! Pretty magical. It definitely saw the benefits of acupuncture for healing and performance!”
When I met Alison, I had nearly given up that I could see a change in the health challenges I had been facing for nearly a decade. After years of testing, trying different methods (including Western and Naturopathic approaches), and turning down pharmaceuticals, I tried to just focus on my diagnosis as little as possible, get on with my life, and deal with my ER visits when they came up. After working with Alison just a few months, I began to see a real shift. I finally had some hope this diagnosis wouldn’t have to shadow me the rest of my life! My daily experience of my body has completely turned around, and I’ve had numerous occasions of handling minor flare-ups at home, where in the past I would have ended up in the ER all day. These flare-ups have gotten further and further apart, and I have hope they will soon be a memory. I highly recommend Alison Eckhardt to anyone who has been dealing with chronic illness, and is ready to move on.
Alison is a miracle worker: A week ago I went in with a huge bump on my head, sore knees, neck, back, and shoulders. I had tripped on a tree root in the sidewalk and felt like I had been in a car accident. With the first treatment the bump receded; the swelling throughout my body went down like magic. Post-treatment today, there’s hardly a bruise on my forehead, my neck feels better than it has in years, and I just took a long walk without pain in my knees or back.  I am thrilled!
Alison has a healing touch and always makes me feel more integrated and balanced at the end of a session. I have now been her patient for a few years, and she is one of the best acupuncturists I have had the good luck to work with.
“I am a professional mover. I perform as a clown, aerialist, I play the violin and saw, and I am a writer and director. I also teach Yoga 5 days a week. There isn’t a thing I do that doesn’t require my body, and especially my wrists and hands to be in good working condition.
When it snowed last January I took a tumble and found my left wrist bothering me weeks after. It became a constant ache and worry and my anxiety around all of the things I do for a living being in jeopardy was acute. Alison also teaches at one of my Yoga studios and suggested I try Acupuncture before completely losing my mind or pressing through the pain… something I constantly caution students about and take seriously myself. At our initial appointment she did acupuncture and cupping, identifying where my pain and discomfort were rooted…in my shoulders and upper back! A week after the appointment, my pain was gone…my wrist feels strong, bound together but still flexible and I am full of energy. At our follow-up, Alison did a bit more acupuncture on my wrist and some additional acupuncture  and cupping on my low back and hips…I feel more open and whole than I have in years. Alison is a well-trained, studied, enthusiastic, and intuitive healer. She has helped this clown and yoga teacher laugh again and be ready to fall with grace and confidence if that makes sense. I cannot thank her enough or recommend her services more highly. She is my acupuncturist from here on out and I will fly her flag whenever I get the chance!”
“Acupuncture has been an important part of my health regimen for many years. I’ve gone to several clinics and tried many different practitioners, but with Alison I need not look further. There are several key qualities about Alison’s work that have kept me coming back. One of them is her intuitive ability to address the imbalance and find a less than obvious cause. She incorporates multiple philosophies of Chinese medicine into her practice, resulting in a more thorough and wholesome treatment.
Alison has helped me beyond what I felt acupuncture had to offer. As an athlete and aerial performer, I’ve also benefited from the treatments she’s done on my wrists, psoas, and various injured or strained muscles. I was surprised when after the treatments my strength had seemed to improve. I was only expecting muscle tension relief - which I received, but to find that I actually performed better and felt stronger, was an added bonus that I did not expect.
“Desperate for relief from many months of severe muscle related back pain that massage therapy, stretches and special exercises had all failed to make a noticeable difference to, I followed my primary care physician’s advice and decided acupuncture was worth a try. I’d never had acupuncture, so it was definitely something new for me.
Boy, am I glad I did. I have been seeing Alison since making that decision and the results were noticeable after the first visit. This surprised me as I had become accustomed to short lived or no improvement. I’ve experienced continued improvement since then, and on that alone I feel comfortable recommending acupuncture. But that is only half the story. Alison makes the experience much more than just a treatment. She has a wide range of knowledge that she uses to develop a treatment plan that, combined with her warm and compassionate personality, makes for a healing experience that goes beyond just acupuncture alone.
I highly recommend her. Thank you, Alison!”