Alison Eckhardt, LAc
Alison Eckhardt, LAc
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I’ve been teaching yoga since 2011, practicing acupuncture since 2013, and a certified personal trainer since 2018.

Since moving into the A-WOL Dance Collective in 2015, I've seen a lot of sports injuries. I believe that prevention is the best medicine, but not all accidents can be prevented. Acupuncture can help you recover faster and get back to doing what you love!

Regular acupuncture can also help you prevent injury by relaxing muscles and connective tissue, and by calming nervous signals like trigger points or muscle spasms. It also reduces stress, increases immune function, and improves quality of sleep.
Sounds pretty good, right?

In addition to acupuncture, cupping and gua sha (scraping) can increase blood flow to overworked muscles, helping your body repair tissue and remove metabolic waste products. There’s a reason many professional sports teams and olympic athletes have acupuncturists that travel with them everywhere!

  • Services and Prices
  • Acupuncture
    60-75 minutes
    Sliding Scale: $60-$100
  • Acupuncture and Cupping (or gua sha)
    90 minutes
    Sliding Scale: $70-$120
  • Just Cupping (or gua sha)
    45-60 minutes
    Sliding Scale: $40-$90
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